Maintaining your SNCR system

Secure trouble free operation for your deNOx system year after year with our specific maintenance and spare parts service agreement.

Our DeNOx installations are built to withstand tough conditions and to provide reliable emission control for many years. However, the environment they operate in is harsh and unrelenting, and even with our resistant and built-to-purpose components, some parts are exposed to wear and tear and will eventually need replacing.

Over time, dust, ash and smoke from the combustion gases may also influence the efficiency of the emission control system. Our preventive maintenance programme and spare-parts solutions provides trouble free and continuous operation, which means you can focus your resources on your core business, while we take care of the low NOx emission control:

  • Minimise downtime, and avoid costly interruptions in plant operation.
  • Ensure that your installation is monitored, maintained and optimised on a regular basis.
  • Avoid emission non-compliance penalties.
Geet Talreja
Geet Talreja
Senior Sales Manager

Maintenance contracts

Our preventive maintenance programmes are based on an annual contract. This ensures you have security in regular checks and priority service as a contracted customer.

We offer a standard maintenance package that includes:

  • Handling and follow-up of the maintenance schedule for your DeNOx installation
  • Regular visits by qualified maintenance technicians
  • Priority breakdown service
  • System adjustment and optimisation
  • Maintenance reports
  • Change of necessary spare parts, according to agreed schedule
  • 10 % discount on all spare-parts
  • System training for new employees

In addition to our standard package, we can offer upon request:

  • On-demand remote control system optimisation and adjustment
  • Control software upgrades
  • Temperature measurement

Spare parts

Our spare-parts solution includes:

  • Recording of all your DeNOx system’s components.
  • Easy and quick access to the precise component needed for your system.
  • A one-stop shop for all you need for your emission control installation.
  • Flexible and easy ordering, by phone or e-mail direct to your dedicated customer support member.
  • Orders are handled effectively and on time, with follow up contact to ensure you are kept up to date.

Our Starter Package includes the most important wear parts and critical components that are needed for your system. Based on your estimated annual consumption, we can identify a kit of spare parts stored on your site that gives you immediate access to the parts you need.