Yara India - A young company with an old association

Yara has a long history in India and has supplied fertilizers as well as fertilizer raw materials to the Indian market for more than two decades

Towards the end of the 1990s, Yara recognized that with the changing economic scenario, the Indian consumer was seeking higher quality of fruits and vegetables. This change implied that the Indian growers needed to relook at the nutrition of crops, to  improve their yields and quality.

Yara initiated trials of its Premium Offering products with ICAR Institutes in order to collect local trial data and worked with the Indian authorities to have the same registered under the Fertiliser Control Order ( FCO )

Once the products were approved under the FCO, Yara partnered with some of the leading Indian fertilizer companies to meet the demand for Speciality Fertilizers from the horticulture crops segment. Initially, Yara was marketing its calcium nitrate range Yara Liva through leading fertilizer companies like Tata Chemicals, Shriram, and Nagarjuna.

In 2011, Yara set up its own operations in India in the state of Maharashtra, the “California of India” as it has a large area under fruits and vegetables.Since then, we have been providing full crop nutrition solutions to the Indian farmer.

In 2018, we have a pan-India presence and Yara Liva (calcium nitrate range) continues to be a key product in our portfolio in India.

We have introduced Yara Mila the global brand for Yara’s premium range of compound NPK fertilizers for horticultural and plantation crops . Yara Mila range is a soil applied speciality NPK fertilizers with superior nutrient forms and sources.  Both the Yara Liva as well as the Yara Mila products are produced in our own production facility at Porsgrunn, Nor way which is Europe’s largest installed production capacity for NPK complex fertilizers. 

We have also introduced our premium water-soluble product range -  Yara Tera, produced at our own production facitlity in The Netherlands.

Besides, we see that our Yara Vita foliar range of products can add significant value to Indian agriculture. The YaraVita foliar sprays are developed to target the leaf or fruit, to work fast and to effectively overcome crop deficiencies. Each YaraVita foliar product is formulated from consistently high quality nutrient compounds with co-formulants to control and enhance performance.

New Horizons

On 12 January 2018, Yara successfully acquired the  Tata Chemicals’ urea business. The 421 MUSD deal included the transfer of all assets and liabilities (working capital) relating to the Babrala plant in Uttar Pradesh. It is the first foreign direct investment in the highly regulated urea sector.

“The acquisition of the Tata Chemicals’ urea business represents a major step forward for us, as we deepen our footprint in the world’s second largest fertilizer market. The Indian agricultural sector has enormous potential, which will also benefit the overall economic growth in India. We are now welcoming the opportunity to contribute with our knowledge and solutions to improve the lives of farmers in India”, said Svein Tore Holsether, President and CEO of Yara.

With this acquisition, Yara has gained a significant position in the Northern region, with access to a strong network of 650-700 dealers and is able to  provide enhanced crop nutrition solutions to farmers in North India.

Today, Yara India has a pan-India presence  and is working closely with Indian farmer to fulfill its mission to Responsibly feed the world and protect the planet.

Knowledge grows

Knowledge makes all the difference at Yara. With our portfolio of quality fertilisers and global knowledge on crop management, we are making a real difference to growers of fruits, vegetables and plantation crops by increasing yields and quality of their produce.