YaraTera Krista

Soluble fertilisers to allow you to grow more with each drop

YaraTera are a complete range of  fully soluble fertilisers for use in fertigation systems so both nutrients and water can be managed to maximize both yield and quality.

YaraTera KRISTA is a  range of free flowing and fully water soluble straight fertilizers for all fertigation systems. The KRISTA range has soluble straights like YaraTera KRISTA K (13-0-45) and  YaraTera KRISTA SOP (0-0-50),   ideal for  boosting the K supply in crops. 



YaraTera DELTASPRAY  is a  growth stage based  water soluble NPK fertiliser  range, for all fertigation systems and for soil grown crops in the open field or greenhouses.  Different NPK  ratios are  available to suit every growth stage.


To guarantee micro-nutrient availability YaraTera REXOLIN products are key for use in fertigation (both soil and soilless), soil application and foliar application.

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Why choose YaraTera soluble fertilisers?


YaraTera - Benefits for your crops

YaraTera™ is a complete range of fully water-soluble fertilisers for fertigation which, together with YaraLiva™ CALCINIT™, offer a full crop solution for fertigation.

YaraTera includes a comprehensive range of fully water-soluble products to supplement YaraLiva CALCINIT, including NPKs, straights, chelates and liquid fertilisers. When combined with an efficient irrigation system, both nutrients and water can be managed to obtain the maximum yield and quality.

Importantly, the products are easy to handle and apply to a wide range of crops.