AdBlue® for Passenger cars, Vans and Other light-duty vehicles

SCR technology and the need for AdBlue is becoming more and more common for cars and other passenger vehicles. Today you can buy vehicles equipped with an SCR system that uses AdBlue from most well known car manufacturers.

Yara is the world's largest manufacturer of AdBlue. Our AdBlue has reduced dangerous emissions from the so-called heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, coaches and buses since 2004.

For passenger cars, we offer packaged AdBlue in a variety of formats. Together with our Partners – from car makers and workshops to fuel station forecourts – we give drivers across the world access to AdBlue by Yara.

Working with leading retailers we have decided not to reach out directly to the individual consumer. But you can read here about the Yara Passenger Car formats; how to use AdBlue. We are unable to answer questions from individual car drivers.

Prateek Dhar Dwivedi
German Orduy Rey
Export Business Manager