National, December 05, 2023:

Yara India brings digital-first agricultural solutions, at the tip of your fingers

National, December 05, 2023:Yara India, a subsidiary of the Norwegian multinational Yara
International and a global leader in crop nutrition, proudly introduces the upgraded
FarmCare app on World Soil Day. The app redefines the landscape of digital solutions
tailored to farmers' needs. Launched initially in 2021, the revamped app stands as a
testament to Yara's commitment to providing real-time agricultural solutions and empowering farmers through technological innovation. The enhanced FarmCare app features a user-friendly interface and introduces groundbreaking tools such as "map-my-farm," real-time weather updates, a fertilizer calculator, and a digital leaf colour chart for accurate nitrogen assessment in crops. A noteworthy addition is an integrated marketplace offering Yara product details, store locations, personalized crop insights, and knowledge advisories. With over 4.5 million downloads and 2.2 million registrations, the FarmCare app has become an indispensable resource for 1.3 million active farmers across key states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Haryana, and Maharashtra. Providing insights for a diverse range of crops, including wheat, paddy, sugarcane, maize, beans, onions, and cotton, the app empowers farmers to optimize their agricultural practices.



Mr. Sanjiv Kanwar, Managing Director, Yara South Asia,  said, “In the dynamic landscape
of India's agri-tech revolution, the revamped FarmCare app exemplifies Yara's unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge agricultural solutions. Empowering farmers with a user-friendly interface, the app facilitates insightful weather pattern comprehension, digital soil analysis booking and resource optimization. Yara is dedicated to Indian agriculture beyond technology and continues to actively contribute to the enrichment of soil health and working towards growing a nature-positive food future. It is important to note that depletion of secondary and micronutrients in the soil is fast becoming a limiting factor in improving yields as well as nutritive value of the crops. This can be addressed by easier registration of new
generation micronutrients at state as well as national level.” Highlighting the pivotal role of soil health in Yara's mission, it operates a state-of-the-art soil
analysis lab in Babrala, UP. The cutting-edge facility conducts assessments covering
chemical, physical, and biological aspects of soil, providing farmers with invaluable insights to manage soil effectively, optimize food production, and enhance the environmental benefits of soil. In line with Yara's dedication to fostering a resilient and sustainable agricultural ecosystem in India, the soil analysis lab is a key component of its comprehensive approach. Yara is committed to Indian agriculture beyond technology, encompassing community development, environmental sustainability, and strategic initiatives that uplift local farming communities. This strategic approach reinforces Yara's enduring dedication to building a more resilient and sustainable agricultural landscape in India.

About Yara India
Yara has been operating in India for more than two decades, since it began working with Indian growers to relook at the nutrition of their crops, in order to improve on yields and quality.  In 2011, Yara setup its own operations in the state of Maharashtra.  On 12 January 2018, Yara successfully acquired Tata Chemicals’ urea business relating to the company’s Babrala plant in Uttar Pradesh.  It was India’s first foreign direct investment in the highly regulated urea sector.  With this acquisition, Yara gained a significant position in northern India, with access to a strong network of 650-700 dealers and enhanced crop nutrition solutions to farmers in North India. Today, Yara India has a pan-India presence.  It is working closely with Indian farmers to fulfil the company’s mission to responsibly feed the world and protect the planet.