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Yara Fertiliser expects to treble biz in three years By Shambhavi Anand, ET Bureau Last Updated: Jun 08, 2023, 02:14 PM IST

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Yara India, the fertiliser maker focusing on non-subsidised crop nutrition products, intends to expand its business three-fold over the next three years, according to Sanjiv Kanwar, managing director of Yara Fertilisers India. The subsidiary of Norway's Yara will launch a range of premium micro-nutrient products and expand its manufacturing capacity for these in India.


Riding high on non-subsidised crop nutrition products, fertiliser maker 

Yara India which clocks a revenue of Rs 800 crore wants to grow its business three times in the next three years. The India unit of the Norwegian company plans to launch a slew of new products  in the premium micro nutrients category to step up its presence in the country

"There is a strong need in India for high-quality micronutrients," said Sanjiv Kanwar, managing director, Yara Fertilisers India adding that it intends to "treble" its business in the next three yearsThe company will also look at expanding its manufacturing capacity for micro nutrients in the coming years, Kanwar said adding that it is working on rowing the non-urea side of business to build scale in the market which will support a larger manufacturing base. 

The Indian subsidiary of the Norwegian crop nutrition company has a 1.2- 

million-tonne urea plant at Babrala in Uttar Pradesh, which it acquired from Tata Chemicals in 2018 bringing in one of the highest foreign direct 

investments in the sector.  While 80-85% of its sales still comes from urea, Yara sells 100,000 tonnes of premium crop nutrition products and micro nutrients. Of the Rs 6,600 crore 

sales, urea contributes around Rs 5,700 crore and the rest comes from other  premium products.  Yara has around 35% market share in the premium crop nutrition marketThe company which entered the Indian market in 1991, has a portfolio of 15 products ranging from several non-subsidised varieties of Nitrogen 

Phosphorous and Potassium (NPK), calcium nitrate, and other zinc-based products. 

It plans to launch new zinc coating-based product for rice and liquid 

phosphate for improving the colour and keeping quality of apples.