National, June 13, 2023:

Yara India introduced YaraRega to farmers in Maharashtra Over 700 farmers benefit from live demonstration of Yara’s first cost effective, new range of water soluble Fertilizer

National, June 13, 2023: Yara India, a division of the Norwegian conglomerate Yara
International, conducted crop shows in Maharashtra, India, from June 01 to June 12, 2023. As
the world's leading crop nutrition company and provider of agricultural, industrial, and
environmental solutions, Yara introduced YaraRega, first of its kind product to offer a water-
soluble range of fertilizer for field fertigation, to its current product line. The crop shows covered
agricultural areas in Baramati, Dhanoli-Kolhapur, Latur, Shrirampur, and Karmad, with a focus
on locally unique crops such as banana, sugarcane, and pomegranate. These shows were
attended by more than 700 farmers and 50 plus retailers across 5 locations of Maharashtra.
The primary objective of the crop shows was to educate farmers on the usage of Yara Rega to
enhance crop performance while minimizing nutrient loss. Additionally, the shows aimed to
generate awareness and understanding of the features and benefits of the product. The
sessions during the shows emphasized how YaraRega has emerged as a viable alternative to
conventional fertilization, simplifying farm operations and applicable to any irrigation system,
ranging from basic to technologically advanced setups. It also provided details on how
YaraRega has proven to be more economically viable than other water-soluble fertilizers for field
Speaking on the occasion, Sanjiv Kanwar, Managing Director, Yara Fertilizers, India said,
“We are pleased to announce the conclusion of our fruitful YaraRega crop show, launched in
Maharashtra with the onset of Kharif season. We have always been keen on bringing novel,
effective range of products that can positively improve crop productivity and farmer prosperity in
a nature-positive manner. YaraRega, our newly launched water-soluble fertilizer is affordable,
easily applicable, and most importantly, meets the nutritional needs of a wide range of field
fertigation crops. It will help in generating enhanced yield and quality with reduced fertilizer rates
and support an integrated nutrient management program for Indian farmers.” 
Through its partnerships with over 125 Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) across 13
states, Yara India has positively impacted the lives of 68,000 members of the farming
community and reached out to 11.8 million farmers through digital channels.
About Yara India 
Yara has been operating in India for more than two decades, since it began working with Indian
growers to relook at the nutrition of their crops, in order to improve on yields and quality.  In
2011, Yara setup its own operations in the state of Maharashtra.  
On 12 January 2018, Yara successfully acquired Tata Chemicals’ urea business relating to the
company’s Babrala plant in Uttar Pradesh.  It was India’s first foreign direct investment in the
highly regulated urea sector.  With this acquisition, Yara gained a significant position in northern

India, with access to a strong network of 650-700 dealers and enhanced crop nutrition solutions
to farmers in North India. Today, Yara India has a pan-India presence.  It is working closely with
Indian farmers to fulfil the company’s mission to responsibly feed the world and protect the