YaraVita Seniphos is one of the range of "Foliar Phosphate" products from Yara. These concentrated liquid products are designed to provide a fast acting fuel for plant energy, to boost crops during periods of rapid growth or to help crops overcome adverse climatic conditions. YaraVita Seniphos also contains calcium making it the normal choice for application to fruit crops.

YaraVita Seniphos is much more effective than either ammonium or potassium based products which can either cause fruit damage or induce calcium related disorders (bitter pit, fruit softening, etc). Trials have consistently shown YaraVita Seniphos to be safe and effective at raising fruit phosphorus levels, giving improved quality (firmness, storability, etc) and better returns to growers. In many countries it has become an industry "benchmark".

The liquid formulation makes it easy to measure, pour and mix the product in the spray tank.

The product is specifically formulated to provide maximum crop safety. This helps to ensure that application will not cause damage to the crop which can reduce it's market value.

The purity of raw materials selected for this product makes it safe for application to the crop and helps ensure that the harvested produce will not be rejected at any point in the supply chain.

A broad tankmixability makes it easy to co-apply the products with agrochemicals, saving both time and money. Just as important, free access to Tankmix information online or via smart phones makes it quick and easy to check whether products can be co-applied.