YaraMila Winner is a high quality, prilled nitrophosphate NPK product. NPK analysis 15-09-20


Every prill of YaraMila Winner is a compound fertilizer. Every prill contains each nutrient shown in the analysis.

Balanced Source of Nitrogen

YaraMila Winner is an excellent combination of two nitrogen forms : Nitrate nitrogen and ammoniacal nitrogen . Nitrate nitrogen is immediately available to the plant and its uptake is rapid. Ammonium nitrogen gives a sustained delivery of nitrogen as it becomes slowly available to the plant after conversion to nitrate form.. This means that the nitrogen forms in YaraMila Winner are a combination of quicker and slower availability. This balance helps ensure the crop the best opportunity for rapid growth, higher yields and larger produce.

Polyphosphates improves phosphorus uptake

Yara’s Nitrophosphate production process gives YaraMilaWinner a unique combination of polyphosphates and orthophosphates. YaraMila Winner contains 25% of phosphorus in a unique form : the polyphosphate. Trials show that polyphosphates significantly improves the availability of soluble phosphate for the crop and that enhances root development, branching, flowering and ensures optimal fruit set. Polyphosphates also enhance the availability of micronutrients to the crop.

Balanced Potassium

YaraMila Winner is a combination of potassium chloride (65%) and potassium sulphate (35%). It is important for all crops and gives the plant tolerance to both stress and diseases. Potassium is also important in controlling the flow of water through the plant.

Superior Handling

The YaraMila Winner prill is specifically designed to allow easy and accurate spreading by machine or hand.

A fast nutrient releasing fertilizer

In contrast to the common granular fertilizer, the unique nitrophosphate prill dissolves within a few days and releases its nutrients to the plant even in low moisture conditions.