YaraLiva Tropicote is a unique granular fertilizer which contains fully soluble calcium in combination with fast acting nitrate nitrogen to give a top quality, highly marketable produce.

It is a dense granular fertilizer that spreads accurately up to 24 metres by machine or accurately when placed by hand.

It is a free flowing material with 90% of particles 2-4mm. Its hygroscopic nature means that it readily dissolves when in contact with the soil in humid conditions or a night dew.

This formulation offers low risk of scorch and is often used as a final topdressing to a wide range of high value crops.

Product application advice


Mango: Application 1, prior to flowering: 250-300g/tree Application 2, at fruit set: 200-250g/tree Application 3, when fruit is around 5 - 8cm in size: 200-250g/tree


Melon (field grown): Melon (field grown): For best results, apply YaraLiva Tropicote three times: 1. 12.5 kg/acre at vegetative growth stage. 2. 12.5 kg/acre at the time of flowering. 3. 12.5 kg/acre from flowering to fruitsetting.


Soya bean: For best results, apply YaraLiva Tropicote 3 times: 1. 12.5 kg/acre at germination 2. 12.5 kg/acre at node development 3. 12.5 kg/acre at pod formation stage.


Spinach: For best results, apply YaraLiva Tropicote two times: 1. 12.5 kg/acre, 30-35 days after sowing. 2. 12.5 kg/acre, 45-50 days after sowing.