Role of nutrients by citrus growth stage

Find out which nutrients are most important at different growth stages.


  • Nitrogen - boost yield and tree productivity
  • Phosphorus - maintain long-term productivity
  • Potassium - establish good early growth
  • Calcium - to aid leaf growth, pollination and fruit set


Fruit Set

  • Nitrogen - maintain leaf growth, flowering and strong fruit set
  • Potassium and Magnesium - continued strong growth
  • Calcium - provide good fruit productivity and quality
  • Sulfur - to improve fruit set and fruit retention
  • ZincManganese and Iron - to maintain fruit yield and quality (Mn and Zn should be applied with each leaf flush)
  • Boron - minimize fruit drop, prevent fruit deformities or storage problems from peel breakdown


Fruit Enlargement and Maturation

  • Nitrogen - maintain yields and improve skin thickness and fruit acidity
  • Potassium - maximize fruit fill and fruit size, productivity, skin quality and vitamin C content and reduce granulation and fruit splitting
  • Calcium - boost leaf growth and tree vigor and reduce skin disorders including fruit splitting and albedo breakdown
  • Magnesium - maintain fruit fill, fruit size and condition
  • Zinc - maintain fruit quality
  • Molybdenum - improve juice content, quality and provide a thicker skin
  • Copper - prevent fruit corking
  • Manganese and Boron - maintain fruit yield


Post Harvest

  • Nitrogen - to encourage active flush of foliage
  • Phosphorus and Potassium - maintain long-term tree productivity
  • Calcium - to maintain tree root health and productivity and to encourage leaf flush
  • IronManganese and Zinc - when needed for post harvest foliage flush