Reduce NOx emissions at a lower cost

Choose between SNCR and SCR technology during the construction of a new NOx control system

If you need to reduce NOx emissions in an existing plant where there is currently no NOx control system installed, Yara can help you assess the best possible technique given the: 

  • Combustion process
  • Operating parameters 
  • NOx levels in the flue chimneys 
  • Level of NOx reduction to be achieved, according to the IPPC regulation or the Industrial Emissions Directive.

In addition to advice on the NOx reagent type best suited to your process, Yara can help you decide if an SNCR, SCR or hybrid technology will best suit your needs in NOx reduction.

construction and optimization of NOx control technologies

For a new NOx reduction system, think Yara

Yara's expertise includes:

  • The construction and optimization of NOx control technologies: SCR or SNCR 
  • Reliable and punctual delivery of the reducing agent best suited to your needs 
  • Advice on storage and handling of reagent chemicals for safe operations.
NOx control system

Reduce the operational costs of your NOx control system

You face, or fear, increased operating costs for your NOx control system. This may be due to:

  • High consumption of reagent for reducing NOx
  • The ineffective treatment of stack gases 
  • A frequent (and thus costly) need for maintenance.

Whatever your current strategy for NOx treatment, it is possible to solve these challenges. Yara can help you assess your NOx reduction process and advise you on how to reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your system.

NOx Plant

Upgrade your NOx control system

Scenario’s: A system for NOx reduction is already in place in your plant, but it can no longer meet the demands of the current IPPC Directive or Industrial Emissions Directive legislation, or perhaps the spare parts for this reduction system are becoming more difficult or expensive to source? These problems can be overcome by upgrading your current system to reduce NOx by using the latest and widely available technologies.

Yara, the world leader in SNCR installations is able to assess and evaluate your current system to reduce NOx and advise you on its upgrade options.