AdBlue® for commercial vehicles

AdBlue for commercial vehicles

If you have a commercial vehicle equipped with SCR technology with the standards Bharat IV, you will need AdBlue. These cover the following vehicles:

  • Commercial vehicles with SCR such as trucks, refuse trucks, fire engines… ,
  • Light-goods vehicles with SCR or “LGV” such as vans
  • Vehicles that transport passengers such as coaches, buses, school buses, minibuses…

Since 2005, we have worked alongside and guided, hundreds of fleets of all sizes in their choice of AdBlue and AdBlue equipment in Europe and North America. Yara’s AdBlue sales team offers you its expertise, whether you are a reseller, forecourt or service station owner or an operator of commercial fleets; coaches, trucks or buses.

AdBlue pump

Where can I buy AdBlue for my commercial vehicle?

AdBlue is sold by Yara all over Europe, The Americas, Australasia and Africa in the same retail sites and distribution networks where you already buy diesel for your vehicle. It is also sold in service stations for trucks.

If you have several vehicles, you can also have AdBlue delivered in bulk directly to your home depot. To do this, you will need to choose a bulk tank from our range, or we can deliver AdBlue packaged in 1000 liter IBCs or 210 liter drums.

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Which AdBlue should I buy?

Whatever your requirement, we have the packaging for you! Your choice will depend on your consumption and the size of your commercial vehicle fleet and the number of Bharat IV SCR vehicles you have, regardless of whether you have, trucks, buses, coaches or light commercial vehicles.

Please do make sure you are buying “AdBlue” and not a product called “urea solution”. The product that you use needs to meet very strict ISO quality standards, otherwise you are at risk of contaminating your SCR system on your vehicle.

Contact us and we will help you make the right choice according to your needs. 

How much AdBlue will I use?

The average consumption of AdBlue for commercial vehicles will depend of the type of vehicles that you are driving (truck, bus, coach, van, refuse truck…), as well as its level of use. The type of journey you are driving will also have an impact on how much the engine needs to work and therefore on how much AdBlue you will need.

In general, expect a consumption of AdBlue of between 4% to 6% of the diesel consumption. In other words, you will use about 5litres of AdBlue for every 100Litres of diesel, or about 1.5Litres of AdBlue for every 100km on the road. This means you will fill your AdBlue tank much less frequently than your tank for diesel.

We offer a calculator for the consumption of AdBlue that will be more precise based on your requirements. Please contact us for an estimate of the approximate consumption of AdBlue for your fleet.

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