Safe Handling and Storage of Fertilizers

Yara produces high quality fertilizer products from a variety of raw materials by different production technologies. Compliance with international legislation and Yara`s internal technical standards ensure a high focus on product and process safety as well as protection of personnel and environment by implementing the best available techniques.

Safe Handling of FertilizersThe Yara product portfolio is broad to fit market requirements. The products may be granular or prilled and these characteristics can significantly affect the handling and storage of the products.

Yara operates a Product Stewardship program that ensures that proper care is taken along the whole fertilizer value chain from product development, purchase of raw materials and manufacturing right up to the end delivery and use on the farm.

Through this program Yara is fully committed to give proper advise, ensure the health and safety of its partners and customers as well as addressing environmental issues, safe food production and security against theft and misuse. The purpose of this section is to highlight safety issues that arise when using fertilizers and give best practice advice to the people working in the supply chain.

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