Yara’s depth of knowledge and experience helps explain why we have one of the most respected and widely recognized brands in agriculture. With organizations in 50 countries and sales to more than 150, there is not a crop or a climate that Yara has not experienced.

Each Yara fertilizer product is precisely formulated to provide accurately targeted nutrition that suits specific situations. We recognize that soils, crops and climates are uniquely varied and that all fields and crops will have different nutritional requirements. Our approach is to properly identify and meet these requirements effectively and in an environmentally sustainable manner.

The Yara portfolio represents the most complete product portfolio in the industry. These are the pillars around which a successful crop is built, bringing together globally acquired crop knowledge and regional expertise to provide a value-adding, premium plant nutrient range, precisely focused on crop requirements.

Check Yara’s Product Families to know more about our fertilizers or look for a product by its name on the “Search our Products” box. If you are not sure what to look for, use the search tool by selecting application mode(s), product families and/or nutrient(s).

Yara's Product Families

yaramila 25kg bag


High concentration homogenous NPK fertilizers specially designed for high value crops. They combine the most essential nutrients for plants: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

yaraliva bag


High-quality calcium nitrate fertilizers that provide fast-acting nitrogen, alongside strength-building calcium. They fuel high quality growth, helping to ensure high-value marketable produce.



A complete line of products that supply the micronutrients required for normal plant growth and development.  

other yara products

Other Products

Yara offers a wide range of high quality Water Soluble Fertiliser (WSF) products to Indian growers.

yaravera bag


Fertilizers that are cost-effective, highly concentrated and highly efficient sources of urea. Versatile, easy to handle products, available in many different forms.