Boron Deficiency - Wheat

13528-boron deficiency - wheat-main image

Symptom description

Leaves show slight distortion, stems are abnormally thick and often the growing points die.

Made worse by

Sandy soils. Alkaline soils. Soils low in organic matter. High levels of nitrogen. High levels of calcium. Cold wet weather. Periods of drought.

Important for

Germination of pollen grains and fertilization. Adequate seed set and yield. B requirement relatively low.

Cause description

Boron Deficiency Cereals have a low requirement for boron and if B fertilizers are given to crops in the rotation then cereals will unlikely exhibit deficiency symptoms. (photo: oat)

Yara recommends


Cereals: At the time of Crown Root Initiation Stage 15 kg/acre; At maximum tillering 10 kg/acre