Table Grape Fertilizer Program (Foundation Pruning)

Elaborated by our specialists, Yara's fertilizer program for table grape can help you to achieve excellent crop performance. Click on the image to see it larger or download Table Grape Fertilizer Program - Foundation pruning in PDF.

Table Grape Fertilizer Program
Disclaimer: The information contained herein is to the best of Yara's knowledge and belief accurate. Recommendations and results stated, unless otherwise acknowledged, are based upon Yara's experience and on field trial results.

Relevant Yara Products

3724-yaramila complex-main image


YaraMila Complex is a premium, prilled nitrophosphate NPK (12-11-18 with sulphur and magnesium), designed to maximize crop yield and quality.

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YaraLiva Nitrabor is a unique granular fertilizer which contains fully soluble calcium and boron in combination with fast acting nitrate nitrogen to give a top quality, highly marketable produce.

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Krista MAP (12-61-0) is a fully water soluble nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer.

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Krista MKP (0-52-34) is a clean, fully water soluble phosphorus and potassium fertilizer

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Krista SOP (Potassium Sulphate, 100 % water soluble) is suitable for fertigation and ideal where high potassium levels are required without additional nitrogen.

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YaraVita ZINTRAC 700

Zintrac 700 is a highly concentrated flowable zinc formulation containing 39.5 per cent zinc, for foliar use.