Boron Deficiency - Potato

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Symptom description

The young leaves of B deficiency plants are thickened, crinkled and bordered by light brown tissue, which extends to the intercostal areas. The growing points and the shoot tips die off. In severe cases, the leaf margins are cupped upward.

Made worse by

Sandy soils. Alkaline soils. Soils low in organic matter. High levels of nitrogen. High levels of calcium. Cold wet weather. Periods of drought.

Important for

Improved crop development. Improved tuber quality. Reduced incidence of internal Rust Spot. Reduced incidence of internal browning.

Cause description

Boron deficiency Can be confused with Ca deficiency, which also affects the growing points and leads to their dying off. Ca deficiency also causes leaf necrosis, which is seen at the edge of the leaf and not between the veins as with boron deficiency. Potato has a relatively low requirement hence deficiency symptoms occurs mainly on soils with poor boron content (weathered sandy soils) or soils with a high fixing capacity (recently limed, peat soils, pH > 7)

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Yara recommends


Potatoes: Apply YaraLiva Nitrabor First application @ 25kg/acre at vegetative growth stage; Second application @ 12.5 kg/acre at the time of tuber initiation.