Calcium Deficiency - Apple

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Symptom description

Low calcium concentrations produce bitter pit shown by depressed areas on apple surface and small, brown corky areas within flesh.

Made worse by

Acidic soils. Sandy or light soils (leaching). Acid peat soils. Soils rich in sodium. Soils rich in aluminium. Drought conditions. Fruit high in nitrogen or potassium. Large fruit.

Important for

Reduces Bitter Pit and other related disorders. Increases fruit size. Gives better fruit colour. Increases fruit firmness. Reduces storage disorders.

Cause description

Calcium deficiency May be confused with boron deficiency. But boron deficiency causes symptoms in early state of fruit development, while calcium deficiency gives symptoms a few weeks before harvesting or in store.

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Yara recommends


Apple: First application from Bud burst - Pink bud stage : 250 g/plant Second Application at fruit-set stage : 500 g/plant Third Application at post-harvest stage : 250 g/plant